Close Up Conversation Series: Teacher Resources

Learn how you can make the most of your Close Up Conversation Series experience!


Welcome to the Close Up Conversation Series!

The Close Up Conversation Series is designed to help your students engage in respectful civil dialogue on current issues with other students across the country. By participating in this series, your students will build cultural awareness and empathy through a combination of classroom work and live exchanges with diverse peers.

The series is comprised of three scheduled conversations that will take place live on the Mismatch platform between paired classrooms. The expected timeline for these three conversations is between 2-4 months.

Step 1: Schedule an Orientation Call

The orientation call is meant to prepare you to hold Mismatch conversations in your classroom. During this call, you will:

  • Schedule one or more Mismatch conversation dates and times.

Step 2: Review Teacher Guide

To help educators create a more meaningful experience for their students, this Teacher Guide  provides you with recommended in-class activities to be completed before a live conversation. We strongly encourage educators to use these lesson plans to help students become familiar with the topics and terminology used throughout the conversation series. See Teacher Guide here.

Step 3: Participate in Conversation #1

Before this scheduled conversation, we recommend you prepare your students for their first conversation by completing the in-class activity ‘Preparing for Conversation 1’ found in Teacher Guide (link and page number).

Conversation #1  Building Relationships: In this first conversation, students will establish rapport, builds trust, and learn how to relate to one another..

Step 4: Participate in Conversation #2

Before this scheduled conversation, conduct the in-class activity ‘Preparing for Conversation 2’ found in Teacher Guide – Link it back to teacher guide and page # .

Conversation #2 Political Values: In this conversation, you will be reacquainted with your paired classroom and will draw on your in-class discussions about political values to explore the differences and commonalities among all participants.

Step 5: Participate in Conversation #3

Before this scheduled conversation, conduct the in-class activity ‘Preparing for Conversation 3’ found in Teacher Guide. In order for students to fully participate in this conversation, it is strongly recommended that you ask your students to review the policy guide for the chosen policy topic.

Conversation #3 Policy Discussion: In this final conversation, students will discuss a series of recommendations addressing a major policy issue and share their varying perspectives on ideal solutions. Policy options include:

Step 6: Reflection

Let us know your thoughts! After completing the Close Up Conversation Series, please email us at with your feedback.  We would love to hear about your experience in the program!